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Recyclers Become Professionals (Peru)
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Language(s): Plurilingual: Eng, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Summary/Historical Context

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Waste treatment
Pascal Fayolle
Christian Lamontagne
François Rousset

Education for sustainable development means learning to get involved. In Peru, in deplorable conditions, the poorest clear rubbish from the streets. An NGO has helped illegal "recyclers" to gather in micro-enterprises. Thus creating improved working conditions and more effective waste management. Recyclers have regained their dignity and pursue a recognized economic activity.

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Place/country: Peru,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 00:04:58
Author/director: Pascal Fayolle, Christian Lamontagne, François Rousset,
Publisher/producer: Lato Sensu Productions, Japan Funds-in-Trust,
Published in: 2012
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 217124

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