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Teachers for gender equality - Countess Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Japan
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Summary/Historical Context

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Setsuko Klossowska de Rola

Countess Setsuko Klossowska de Rola was born in Tokyo in 1942 in the Ideta family, an ancient Samurai family, originally from Kyoto. In 1967, she married French painter Balthus Klossowski de Rola (1908-2001), at the time Director of the French Academy in Rome. She is a painter and her works are to be found in major private collections around the world. She pseaks about her memories of the teachers in her life.

Place/country: Japan,
Type: TV campaign.Promotional material
Duration: 00:01:58
Publisher/producer: UNESCO,
Published in: 2011

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