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Summary/Historical Context

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This ERNO* DVD contains documentaries and news that are the result of an unprecedented cooperation among public broadcasters in South-east Europe.

The making of "Women Trafficking", a 24.53 min. documentary (sample shown here), pooled together investigative reporters from the whole region so as to better unveil the whos, hows and whats behind shocking official statistics. (From 2000 to 2004, for instance, there were 6,555 reported victims of women trafficking in the region.) The film also insists on the fact that figures like these, staggering as they are, represent but the top of an iceberg that is estimated to involve tens of thousands of young women and girls every year.

Also in this DVD:

ERNO news items (all by ZZerno)
- Selft-surgery. 2004. 3.27 min
- Queer in BiH. 2005. 4.16 min
- Mountain village. 2005. 2.45 min
- Refugees return. 2005. 3.27 min
- Music trends. 2005. 6.50 min
- Montenegro story. 2006. 5.43

As well as the short movie "One Day in the ERNO Exchange". 4.40 min

* ERNO stands for Eurovision Regional News Exchange Network in South-east Europe

on this subject: Erno: TV news, who they are and what they do

Place/country: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania,
Type: Radio.TV.Report
Extract: 4 min. Total length: 56 minutes
Credits: Zeijka Lekic (author), Renata Karaca (author), Jelena Gakovic (author), ERNO (publisher), UNESCO (producer),
Published in: 2006
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):219102

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