Culture and development

From the Tree to the Dugout
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Summary/Historical Context

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Javier Pérez de Cuéllar

Shot in South Africa during the final meeting of the World Commission on Culture and Development held in Pretoria, in Septembre 1995, this film seeks to illustrate some of the issues tackled by the Commission, such as cultural rights, media rights and responsibilities and gender equality.

Established by UNESCO and the United Nations, this independent commission, presided by former UN Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, put forward a number of concrete proposals that seek to shape develpment strategies in the twenty-first century.

Type: Documentary
Extract: 11:30. Total lenght: 00:51:38
Author/director: Anne Laure Folly,
Publisher/producer: The World Commission on Culture and Development,
Published in: 1995

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