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Roads of water: travelling the Amazon
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UNESCO institute
Augusto Contento

Travelling to remember, to tell, to gather evidence of what we continuously forget: to give some realness back to the reality, to make true what the excluded and presented as non existent, impossible, incapable of being accompanied.

Travelling to discover oneself, re appropriating one's own history and the places where one has lived, lives or will live.

Pais/lugar: Brazil,
Tipo: Documentary
Extrato: 09:56. Duraçao total: 01:43:00
Autor/diretor: Augusto ContentoAuthor Augusto Contento, " typeof="Person"> Augusto ContentoAuthor Augusto Contento,
Produtor/editora: UNESCO-IHP,
Publicado em:2012
Catálogo biblioteca (UNESDOC): 219097

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