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The Place I Call Home
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Tamer Ezzat
Middle East

By following and interviewing a number of Egyptians who want to immigrate, the filmmaker attempts to unveil the real life circumstances that lie beneath one's decision to leave his/her own country. The film will investigate the fears, dreams and future plans of Randa, Mohamed and Darah. Randa wishes to move to Canada, however fearing a possible identity crisis for her four-year-old son after watchin a film about Arabs in New York post 9-11. Mohamed failed to be a famous singer in Cairo and wants to find a new beginning in Australia. Darah was raised in Canada but due to pressure from her mom, returned to Egypt. Through the course of the film, we will try to find an answer to the question: where is the place called home?

This documentary is part of the DVD "Revisiting Public Service Television"  »available here

Place/country: Egypt,
Type: Documentary
Extract: 4 min. Total lenght: 49 minutes
Credits: Tamer Ezzat (director), Myth Productions (publisher), UNESCO-ICT@PBST (publisher), Michel Gelinas (producer),
Published in: 2006
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):147385

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