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Village Nomade/ The Nomadic Village
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Langue(s): français subtitles: Eng

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Water resources

In the middle of the sand dunes, in an African desert landscape, a man is standing, his face serious. He looks down at a broken box, dead palm trees and an abandoned well: the remains of a village. This man is Zeinami Maltam Boukar, a peasant from the remote area of Manga. His village, Gonidi, 25 km from Goudoumaria on main road n°1, is in danger of disappearing, like most of the surrounding villages. The desert is moving nearer every day, nature is threatened and life becomes more and more unbearable. The men of Zeinami's village flight. They erect barriers of branches trying to stop the sand that the wind blows in from the dunes. But there are no more fields, no more branches and the wells are dry because the dunes soak up the water they contained. The men of the village then decide to send a scout to find a new place to live... in the west. In his desesperate plight, on the brink of utter despair, the man finds a way of salvation. But how long will it last?

This documentary is part of the DVD "Revisiting Public Service Television"  »disponible ici

Pays/lieu: Niger,
Type: Documentary
Durée: 24 minutes
Générique: Mahaman Souleymane (director), Télé-Sahel Niger (publisher), UNESCO-ICT@PBST (publisher), Michel Gelinas (producer), URTI (producer), CIRTEF (producer), CFI (producer), Fords francophone de Production audiovisuel du sud (producer),
Publié en: 2006
Catalogue bibliothèque (UNESDOC):147385

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