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Ujung Kulon National Park. ©UNESCO 2009
Ujung Kulon National Park

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Summary/Historical Context

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Ujung Kulon

Located on the southwestern tip of Java, Ujung Kulon ("West Point") first received protection in 1910, when it was made a hunting preserve. Eleven years later it was upgraded to a natural monument and wildlife reserve, and 1980 it had become one of the five national parks of Indonesia.

The "Tides of Time" is an innovative multimedia campaign launched in 2008 by UNESCO, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the

International Herald Tribune. The campaign, which included nanosites featuring theses videos in the online version of the International Herald Tribune, won a Silver Award at the 2009 International Awards for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions.

This short video is part of Tides of Time, 2009, an interactive DVD that features eight of UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world.  »available here

on this subject: Events at UNESCO and Jaeger-LeCoultre's Paris Boutique to mobilize support for Marine World Heritage: The Crown Jewels of the Ocean

Place/country: Indonesia,
Type: Documentary
Credits: Manoel de Oliveira (director), UNESCO WHC (publisher), Jaeger-LeCoultre (publisher), International Herald Tribune (publisher), UNESCO WHC (producer). Jaeger-LeCoultre (producer). International Herald Tribune (producer).
Published in: 2009
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 219673

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