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Summary/Historical Context

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Small Islands Voice works with communities, specific interest groups, and sometimes entire island populations, by building capacity so that islanders can effectively plan and implement their own vision of sustainable island living. Whether it is tackling social issues, sharing island cultures, or embracing environmental stewardship, it is all a vital part of shaping the future. Exchanging these experiences inter-regionally further strengthens a sense of community amongst islands.

Other content of this DVD:
- Youth Visioning for Island Living 00:26:00
- Small Islands voice: laying the foundation. 00:24:30
- Mother Earth's Dying Cries. Rap poem. Audio recording. 00:03:00
- Small Islands Voice. Promotional jingle. 00:01:00
- Extract fro SIDS panel on culture. Jan. 2005. 00:15:25

on this subject: Small Island Voice

Place/country: Various countries,
Type: Documentary
Extract: 25 min. Total length: 1 hours, 25 minutes
Credits: UNESCO (publisher), Small Island Voice (publisher),
Published in: 2005

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