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Promoting Financial Literacy Among Somali Youth through Mobile Audio Instruction: The Dab Iyo Dahab Initiative - Leila Dal Santo (Souktel)
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Summary/Historical Context

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Leila Dal Santo

Somalia is at a critical juncture: decades of violent conflict, economic recession, and a growing demographic “youth bulge” have spurred the need for significant youth empowerment initiatives--and for bottom-up education strategies that reach the bulk of youth who are illiterate and outside the formal school system. This webinar makes the case for basic mobile audio instruction as a strategy for reaching out-of-school youth across Somalia --particularly young Somali women -- and equipping them with core skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in the workplace. The webinar focuses on the successes of one such initiative, the Dab iyo Dahab mobile financial literacy program, which Souktel and the Education Development Center implemented from 2008-2011 through funding from USAID. This interactive seminar will provide an overview of the technology and curriculum components, share results from a post-project impact evaluation, and give participants a clear understanding of the steps they can take to implement similar interventions as part of their own work.

Place/country: Somalia, UNESCO HQ,
Type: Speech.Round table
Extract: 9 min. Total length: 41 minutes
Credits: Leila Dal Santo (speaker), UNESCO-ED (publisher), Souktel (publisher),
Published in: 2013

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