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Learning and Working - Cement
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Summary/Historical Context

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This DVD is part of a "Skills Development Package for Learning and Working", produced by UNESCO-UNEVOC. The idea behing the package is to offer a platform and produce an environment to motivate people living in adverse economic conditions to enrol in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) courses and take up self-employment activities in order to improve their economic situation.

The videos on this DVD were originally produced by UNESCO within the Global Action Programme on Education for All, Youth Project. They were originally issued on VHS PAL, in 1997.

"Cement" is part of the Learning and Working DVD

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Place/country: Haïti,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 12 minutes
Credits: UNESCO-UNEVOC (publisher), Ramigé Film Production (publisher),
Published in: 2006
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):148119

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