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2000+: Scientific & Technological Literacy for All
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Summary/Historical Context

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A film about some scientific and technological literacy experiences (STL) in India Two threads run through the film: the evolution of STL scripts in two schools in Delhi, and the articulation by practitioners of ST of their ideas and experiences. The examples of the scripts ("How safe is the water we drink?", "Garbage: a misplaced resource") show STL projects in action while the ideas voiced by teachers, educationists and coordinators of the program give an indication of what concerns of STL are as regards improvement of science education. They also give an idea of the range of situations in which the STL philosophy can find fruitful application.

Place/country: India,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 00:24:20
Author/director: Anita Varma
Publisher/producer: UNESCO New Delhi, UNICEF, University of Delhi,

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