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Cultural diversity

Let's Play - Urban Thai, Bangkok
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Language(s): Thai  subtitles: Eng

Summary/Historical Context

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Customs and traditions
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- Urban Thai

- Ngoo Kin Hang (Tail-Eating Snake) and

- Mon Son Pa (Mon hides a coth)

Children's games are a vital expressions of living cultural heritage. Games teach children dexterity, negotiation, cooperation and other cultural values. These skills are important to becoming an adult.

This content is part of Traditional Children's Games in South-East Asia, a box that contains an interactive CD-ROM (can be consulted upon request in our Reading Room) and the Let`s Play, a DVD with documentaries about children's games  »consult it here

Place/country: Thailand,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 00:10:39
Author/director: David A. Feingold,
Publisher/producer: Ophidian Films, UNESCO Bangkok,
Published in:2011

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