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Let's play - Chiang Mai
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Language(s): Thai subtitles: Eng

Summary/Historical Context

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Chiang Mai

In rural Northen Thailand, children still enjoy many of the same games that have been played for generations. They learn from parents, elders, older sisters and brothers and schoolmates.

The following children's games are present in this video:

- Chiang Mai

- Dok Bua (Lotus)

- Mai Keb (Picking Up Sticks)

- Tho-Chub (Hammer, Scissors and Paper)

- Ying Med Ma Kham (Shooting Tarind Seeds)

- Toey (Passing the Zones

This content is part of Traditional Children's Games in South-East Asia, a box that contains an interactive CD-ROM (can be consulted upon request in our Reading Room) and Let`s Play, a DVD with documentaries about children's games  »available here

Place/country: Thailand,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 10 minutes
Credits: David A. Feingold (director), Ophidian Films (publisher), UNESCO Bangkok (publisher), Korean National Commission for UNESCO (producer),
Published in: 2011

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