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Goree, the Slave Island
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Summary/Historical Context

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The Senegalese people called it Ber. The Portuguese renamed it Ila de Palma.

The name was changed to Good Reed by the Dutch and the French called the island Goree - meaning "good harbour".

But the name did not match with what went on in this tiny island between the 16th and 19th centuries when wooden ships sailed from here with human beings chained in their holds across the Atlantic.

On the island, there is a small fort known as Slave House. This was in effect one of the slave warehouses through which Africans passed on their way to the Americas.

Millions have passed through the island and other similar trading posts to work in the plantations of the New World, including America. (BBC)

on this subject: Gorée, the Slave Island (the BBC), July 2003

Place/country: Senegal,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 00:14:17
Credits: James Duker (director) UNESCO (publisher)
Published in:2000

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