Inclusive education

Inclusive Education: Learners and Teachers/ L'éducation pour l'inclusion: Apprenants et enseignants
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Summary/Historical Context

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Through the moving accounts of innovative educational practices around the world, this video focuses on the main themes and challenges of making inclusive education the way of the future, as discussed during the 48th session of the International Conference on Education.

This video is part of the DVD Inclusive Education: The way of the Future ( »available here )


48a Reunión de la Conferencia Internacional de Educación.

A travers les récits émouvants de pratiques innovatrices dans le monde, cette collection de vidéos se concentre sur les principaux thèmes et enjeux qui font de l'éducation inclusive la voie de l'avenir.

Place/country: Various countries,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 14 minutes
Credits: International Bureau of Education (publisher),
Published in: 2008
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):221300

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