Intangible heritage

Traditions and oral expressions of the Rama people. ©UNESCO 2013
Traditions and oral expressions of the Rama people

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Rama traditions and oral expressions are founded on a deep-seated ethos of conservation and respect for nature. These include extensive knowledge of aquatic life and the flora and fauna of nearby tropical forests. The Rama are excellent sailors and practise sustainable fishing, hunting and gathering for their traditional cuisine and natural remedies. They perform their music, dance and songs at religious festivals, while their stories convey key moral values. Migration and the predominance of formal education in English now threaten the transmission of Rama knowledge.

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País/lugar: Nicaragua,
Series: 2013 inscriptions on the Urgent Safeguarding List/Inscriptions 2013 sur la Liste de sauvegarde urgente
Tipo: Documentary
Créditos: Carlos Alemán Ocampo (director), Instituto Nicaraguayense de la Cultura (publisher), Instituto Nicaraguayense de la Cultura (producer).
Publicado en: 2013

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