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Círio de Nazaré/ The Taper of Our Lady of Nazareth
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Latin America and the Caribbean

The Círio de Nazaré festival in Belém honours Our Lady of Nazareth. On the second Sunday of October, a wooden image of Our Lady proceeds from Sé Cathedral to Sanctuary Square in what is one of the world's largest religious processions. Vast numbers travel from across Brazil to attend a festival that blends sacred and profane elements, reflecting the rich multicultural character of Brazilian society. While local devotees build altars and welcome visitors, children accompany parents to the festivities, thus ensuring transmission of this heritage.

sobre este assunto: Nomination file/ Dossier de candidature

Pais/lugar: Brazil,
Series: 2013 inscriptions on the Representative List/Inscriptions 2013 sur la Liste représentative
Tipo: Documentary
Duração: 9 minutes
Créditos: IPHAN (publisher),
Publicado em: 2013

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