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Africa and its Diaspora - Philosophical dialogue between Africa and the Americas
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Summary/Historical Context

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Conceived as a philosophical dialogue between Africa and the Americas, Africa and its Diaspora is a conference organized by Purdue University, West Lafayette (IN, USA), within the framework of the International Year for People of African Descent, 2011.

The conference was held at Purdue University on 18-20 April 2011.

This item is composed of 27, 2 hours-long, DVDs with footage about the different round tables that took place at the time. The recordings are plurilingual, with translations into (mostly) English and French, as well as Spanish or Portuguese, for some content.

The excerpt here above is taken from the open ceremony.

The full extent of this element (50+ hours) can be available for consultation in our Reading Room only, upon request. It cannot be posted online.

Place/country: United States of America,
Type: Speech.Round table
Extract: 12:15. Total lenght: 54:00:00
Publisher/producer: Purdue University,
Published in:2011

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