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Cultural diversity

Dialogue Among Civilisations. Caucasus
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Language(s): Plurilingual: Eng, Lithuanian

Summary/Historical Context

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Intercultural dialogue
Caucasus Project

The project "Dialogue Among Civilisations. Caucasus" was designated to promote the knowledge about the Caucasus countries and to preserve their richness and cultural diversity in Lithuania in order to facilitate intercultural dialogue and integration, and favour interregional cooperation.

Contents on the DVD
- Footage of concerts by groups from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Lithuania, as well as videos about other activities organized during the event.

on this subject: Dialogue among civilisations: Caucasus, 3-8 June 2003, Vilnius, Lithuania (unesdoc)

Place/country: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania,
Type: Performing arts
Extract: 04:17. Total lenght: 00:00:00
Publisher/producer: Terra media, Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO,
Published in:2003
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 229094

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