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Gloria Cuartas: Mayor of Apartadó
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Language(s): English, Spanish

Summary/Historical Context

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Colombia, a country trapped in the midst of violence (guerilla or paramilitary warfare), drug trafficking, resignation on the part of the State, the fight for territorial control - in other words, bitterness, hate, resentment and death. 'I would like the population to inaugurate with me a new way of looking at life', says Gloria Cuartas, elected mayor of Apartadó, a small town in the Colombian Urabá region. This film traces the difficult task Gloria Cuartas has undertaken in search of new ways for restoring respect for the law and, above all, restoring the soul of a broken population. A non-violent answer, renewed participation, a new faith in living together. A necessary challenge for an extraordinary undertaking.

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Place/country: Colombia,
Type: Documentary
Extract: 7 min. Total length: 56 minutes
Credits: Jeanette Erazo Heufelder (director), Gloria Cuartas (participant),
UNESCO Publishing (publisher), UNESCO TV (producer),
Published in: 1998
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):187341

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