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47th International Conference on Education. Quality education for all young people: challenges, trends and priorities
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Summary/Historical Context

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Conference and meetings
Comenius medal

This DVD includes 3 documentaries:
- 47th ICE Highlights: the film provides insight into the conference and the discussed key issues by spotlighting testimonies of some of its participants.

- Remise de la médaille Comenius 2004: le film rappelle la cérémonie Comenius à  l'occasion de la 47e CIE. Cette récompense honore des personnes ou des institutions pour leurs réalisations importantes dans le développement éducatif ou leur engagement remarquable envers la cause de l'éducation et les idéaux de l'UNESCO.

- International Literacy Day 2004: it has been celebrated for nearly 40 years to proclaim the importance of Literacy to individuals, communities and societies while demanding action from the International public to eliminate illiteracy from the world. The film summarizes this years' celebration within the 47th ICE on the theme of Literacy and Gender.

on this subject: Quality education for all young people: reflections and contributions emerging from the 47th International Conference on Education of UNESCO

Place/country: International Bureau of Education,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 40 minutes
Credits: International Bureau of Education (publisher),
Published in: 2004

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