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Education for All: A Message for the Teacher
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Summary/Historical Context

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Reference package for teacher education: primary level.
This video, promoted by UNESCO, is an integral part of the Education for All Teacher-Training Package. In three parts, it should be viewed, if possible, before attempting to work through the units in Volumes I & II.

Part I shows the alarming educational situation in the world to-day, and the great efforts needed to meet basic learning needs as exemplified in the World Declaration on Education for All, the expanded vision of basic education, which came from the World Conference held in Jomtien, Thailand, in 1990.

Part II illustrates how ideas contained in the Framework for Action to meet basic learning needs are being practised in many countries - in Yemen, Ecuador, Mali, and how teachers are challenged to use new tools and new structures for learning, as in Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Thailand and Indonesia.

Part III is a more detailed case study illustrating the positive results arising from learning skills, which have led to fruitful, creative, commercial enterprises in Harare, Zimbabwe.

on this subject: World Conference on Education for All; Jomtien, Thailand; 1990

Place/country: Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mali, Thailand, Yemen,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 30 minutes
Credits: Dick Young (director), R. A. Hodzi (director), UNESCO TV (publisher), The Development Academy of the Philippines (producer), Interagency Commission for the World Conference on EFA (producer),
Published in: 1995

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