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Styles of Science Teaching & Learning to promote scientific & techonological literacy
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Summary/Historical Context

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This teacher training videotape draws on examples of science lessons in primary and secondary schools in developed and developing countries. It illsutrates teacher-centred and student-centred approaches which can play a part in helping students relate the curriculum to the real world - both the natural and technological environments in which they live.

- Introduction: environment, population and techonology (2 min)
- South America: field studies of natural environment, seashore and harbours (5 min)
- South Asia: field studies of water, waste and ecology; biology, chemistry and physics demonstrations and group investigations (11 min.)
- Central Africa: trying out games and simulation activities. A primary adventure walk in a nature reserve. Problem solving by individual design and tests. Group discussions on drug and alcohol abuse (9 min)
-Western Europe: primary class investigates rubber bands, bubble size and comments on project work (5 min)

on this subject: Science & Technology Education: Philosophy of Project 2000+

Place/country: Worldwide,
Type: Educational
Duration: 34 minutes
Credits: ICase (publisher), UNESCO Project 2000+ (publisher), Patrick A. Whittle (producer),
Published in: 1999

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