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Hommage to Cecilia Braslavsky, Directrice du BIE 2000-2005
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Summary/Historical Context

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Conference and meetings
Cecilia Braslavsky
Juan Carlos Tedesco
Norberto Bottani

DVD 1:
Cecilia Braslavsky 1952-2005; a presentation of the last publications on which Cecilia Braslavsky collaborated; a musical interlude; S.E. M. Miguel-Angel Estrella, Ambassadeur d'Argentine auprès de l'UNESCO; a documentary about Cecilia Braslavsky, an exceptional educator; some testimonials from Juan Carlos Tedesco, Norberto Bottani and Council Members; inauguration of the Cecilia Braslavsky room and a piano recital
S.E. M. Miguel-Angel Estrella.

on this subject: Theory and action in the life of Cecilia Braslavsky

Place/country: International Bureau of Education,
Type: Speech.Round table
Extract: 02:26. Total lenght: 00:00:00
Author/director: UNESCO-BIE,
Published in: 2009

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