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Summary/Historical Context

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Educational programmes

Education for All TV Programmes, is a joint project funded by the UNESCO and administrated by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA). Under this programme, different television stations from the Commonwealth countries have produced interactive talk-shows on education.

Five documentaries compose this collection of DVDs:
- The Indian Scenario. The Doordarshan: 57 min
- Quality Education for all in Tanzania: 31 min (*** sample above)
- Back to School, Back to What? : 1h:43 min
- Wijana Vetu: 50 min, and
- Book Talk: 54 min

This material cannot be posted online in full. It is available for consultation in our Reading Room only

on this subject: UNESCO grants go to Commonwealth broadcasters

Place/country: Barbados, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania,
Type: TV campaign.Promotional material
Extract: 04:41. Total length: 04:57:13
Credits: Harriet Pierce (director) Jose Jude Mathew (director) Michael Pryce (director) Maia Chung (director) Roselyne Wangui (director) Rebecca Mngodo (director) Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (publisher) ITV [Tanzania] (producer) CVM [Jamaica] (producer) Nation TV [Kenia] (producer) CBC [Barbados] (producer)
Published in: 2006

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