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The University in the Eyes of its Students
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Summary/Historical Context

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"First year of freedom", "Manalyze" and "Taarib" are three short films produced by higher education students in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria in the context of the Arab Regional Conference on higher Education. Each one represents the students' perspectives on the state and future of higher education in the Arab region.

These short films are the results of a competition that was organized to award students in the Arab region. They were presented during the Conference, which was held in Cairo.

The film presented here is Manalyze, By Basem Nabhan

on this subject: Arab conference on higher education in Cairo.

Place/country: Lebanon, Palestine, Syria,
Type: Docufiction
Extract: 10 min. Total lenght: 28 minutes
Credits: Basem Nabhan (director), UNESCO Beirut (publisher),
Published in: 2009

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