Inclusive education

Inclusive schools - Special needs in the classroom
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Summary/Historical Context

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Southwest Asia

The stories of five schools, in different parts of the world, that are attempting to include all the children from their community:

- A primary school in the village of Getafe near Madrid that uses an integrated curriculum approach with flexible working groups.

- Whitmore's: a secondary school near London that has developed an inclusive policy.

- Forburg's: a school in Dunedin that makes use of a variety of support systems.

- Aria Filipa: a blind girl that attends a regular primary school.

- Amman National School's: a school that has developed an approach to teaching that caters for student diversity.

The videos are in the language of the country: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

Place/country: Jordan, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom,
Type: Documentary
Extract: 4 min. Total lenght: 56 minutes
Credits: Mike Fowler (director),

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