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The Royal City of Sukhothai
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Summary/Historical Context

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Just under 500 Km north west of Bangkok lies Sukhothai, once the capital of the first Thai Kingdom which bore the same name and only existed from 1238 to 1378 A.D. Sukhothai means the ‘sunrise et happiness' and symbolises the beginning of the Thai nation. In those days the royal city covered an area of about 70 square Kilometres. Its focal point was the Wat Mahathat, the great temple erected in honour of Buddha, which stood next to the royal palace. In the ruins of the Wat Mahathat, which includes 185 chadis, six main chapels, a holy of holies and eleven side chapels, we can still 55e the rich architectural and artistic tradition of ancient Sukhothai.

on this subject: Sukhothai in the World Heritage

Place/country: Thailand,
Series: World Heritage TV series-Serie TV Patrimoine mondial,
Type: Documentary
Sample: 02:56. Total length: 00:13:50
Publisher/producer: TransTel, Cologne,
Published in: 1989

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