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Language(s): German, English

Summary/Historical Context

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Intercultural dialogue

10 short videos realised by students from Germany, Spain and Austria and dealing with interracial tolerance. The films were made on the occasion of the United Nations International Year for Tolerance of 1995, an event organized within the UN program "An Agenda for Peace", as well as the UNESCO program “Culture of Peace”.

Contents on this support:
1. Racism is shit / Austria,
2. Ananas / Germany (*** hereabove),
3. Anti Xenophobia / Spain,
4. Hand in Hand / Austria,
5. Welcome / Germany,
6. John und Zora / Germany,
7. Gnadenlos / Germany,
8. Mensch du sitz in einem Boot / Germany,
9. Die Wand / Deutschland,
10. Was tun / Germany"

on this subject: UNESCO - Promoting Tolerance

Place/country: Various countries,
Type: Docufiction
Extract: 3 min. Total lenght: 25 minutes
Credits: Medien service (publisher),

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