Art education

Ästhetische Bidung - Modelle und Perspektiven in Europa / Art Education - Models and Perspectives in Europe
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Summary/Historical Context

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International Workshop on Art Education for Teachers and Students.
In the framework of the annual symposium of the Federal Association of Austrian Art and Crafts Teachers (BÖKWE, Graz), which in 2006 brought together art teachers from all over Europe on the occasion of the Association´s 50th anniversary, the Austrian National Commission for UNESCO and BÖKWE in cooperation with Kunsthaus Graz organised an international one week workshop on Art Education held in the city of Graz from 30 April to 6 May 2006.

The workshop was an extraordinary event in many respects:
Teachers and students from 10 countries - Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia and Austria - jointly discussed and worked on the topic of contemporary art, both theoretically and practically.

Place/country: Austria,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 7 minutes
Credits: Bökwe (director), UNESCO (publisher), Kunsthaus Graz (producer),
Published in: 2006

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