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UNESCO Chair - Catalonia, Spain. Meet with Prof. Josep Duart
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Summary/Historical Context

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The UNESCO Chair in New Information Technologies for E-Learning Education, established at the Open University of Catalonia, develops special courses in E-learning for knowledge and information society. This UNESCO Chair collaborates with other UNESCO Chairs and universities in the same field. The UNESCO Chairholder, Prof. Josep Duart says that the challenge is to use the ICTs for education is not to use only ICTs as a instrument but use it as a way to teach and to learn, that will change the access to education. The Chair's perspective is to establish a Network in Open Education Resources in the South. .

on this subject: UNESCO Chair in New Information Technologies for E-learning Education , Open University of Catalonia (Spain).

Place/country: Spain,
Type: Interview
Duration: 00:03:22
Credits: Josep Duart (interviewee)
UNESCO TV (publisher)
Published in:2009

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