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47th International Conference on Education: Videos 2004
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Summary/Historical Context

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A collection of videos that highlights promising efforts being made towards quality education for young people in diverse areas of the world. The films are in English, French or Spanish, with subtitles for the other two languages.

Contents of the Video Cassette:

- Messages of youth: 4'55
- Ecole des filles. Projet de FAWE, Rwanda: 6'16
- GEM: Girls Education, an initiative towards girls' education, Uganda: 7'56.
- Jóvenes Constructores y Constructoras de la Paz, Colombia: 6'51 (** Here above).
- Life skills, a pillar of education? Finland: 6'00
- Teacher training, a building block for education reform. Jordan: 6'43
- Future teachers learning to live together. Sri Lanka: 6'53
- La construction des partenariats pour une éducation de qualité pour tous les jeunes. South Eastern Europe, Indonesia, India. 6'48

Place/country: Colombia, Finland, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Norway, Romania, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Uganda,
Type: Documentary
Extract: 6 min. Total lenght: 50 minutes
Credits: International Bureau of Education (publisher), Myriam Zitterbart (producer), Televisión educativa (Mexico) (producer), International Bureau of Education (producer),
Published in: 2004

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