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Castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust at Brühl
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Summary/Historical Context

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Brühl is a small town surrounded by forests in the western part of Germany near Cologne. Clemens August became Archbishop of Cologne in 1723 and loved falconry above all else. So much so that he built a country house at his hunting lodge.

The "Falkenlust" is known for its magnificent staircase. The designs on the tiles depict various falconry scenes. The Archbishop also built a small chapel in the garden. Time was spent enjoying hunting in the woods but also sharing time with God. These walls feature shell-covered works, the original "Rococo" style. The word "rococo" is derived from the French word "rocaille", which denoted shell-covered rockwork. The word began to imply decoration using shells; the Rococo style gradually established itself to mean a light and intimately-styled form of decoration.

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