Cultural diversity

De Feuilles et de Terre (English version)
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Summary/Historical Context

FULL TITLE: "De Feuilles et de Terre. Architectures traditionnelles au Cameroun"

From the famous Mousgoum shellshaped huts, described by André Gide, to the artistically arranged leaves-covered pigmy dwellings, this architectural journey - shot in northern and southern Cameroon - shows us how diverse can be the styles among African houses. In the savannah or in the forest, in the mountain ranges or in the plains, chief's houses or simple dwellings, their architecture take their roots with the same strength in each ethnic reality.

Place/country: Cameroon,
Sample: 09:08. Total length: 00:45:20
Author/director: Dominique Théron
Publisher/producer: UNESCO TV, La Sep, Orstom,
Published in: 1989

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