Organizational charts

UNESCO’s past orientations and actions have contributed to shape its present, and we might therefore all find some inspiration in taking a closer look at the history of our Organization. Organizational charts are useful tools to understand the functioning of an organization and to track changes over time. Thereby, they can also be helpful for archival searches.

At this stage a sample of UNESCO charts, covering the period 1946-2010, are on-line. It is the long-term intention of the UNESCO Archives to provide much more detailed information about the structural development of the Secretariat in the Archives Catalogue (UNESCO AtoM).

Organizational charts from 1946 to 2006 in one document

1946 1947 1952 1960 1967 1975 1990 1998 2004 2006 2010


Scanned Files

UNESCO Archives had posted a selection of scanned files to the website from 2004 to 2007. You may now find these files (put into context with descriptive information on our holdings) in our ICA AtoM catalogue


60 years of UNESCO Documents

A long-term UNESCO Archives project is the objective is to make all official documents of a public nature since 1946 available on-line. In this framework 2,000 historical documents, reflecting the activities of the Organization during its early years, had been indexed and scanned in 2006-2007. As a preview of the Organization’s accumulated assets of knowledge and know-how that will progressively emerge, you can, for example, access a sample of documents on the following topics:

These documents and many more are available on-line in UNESDOC, UNESCO's documentary database.