RAMP Studies

In the framework of the Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP), UNESCO regularly published specialist studies and guidelines, which cover basic issues of records and archives management such as:

  • Archival infrastructure development
  • Archival legislation
  • Training and education
  • Protection of the archival heritage
  • Research in archival theory and practice

The aim of UNESCO's Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP), which was established in 1979, was to make the general public and decision-makers aware of the importance of records and archives for planning and development safeguarding of the national heritage. It further aimed to assist UNESCO's member states in the establishment of efficient records and archives management infrastructures through standardization, archival legislation, training, and enhancing infrastructure (buildings and equipment). Furthermore, it promoted international debates on main issues in the archival field. By 2010, more than 100 RAMP Studies have been published.

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In 2008, a CD with a limited number of selected RAMP Studies was published. Please write to j.springer(at)unesco.org in order to receive a copy of the CDrom.