Research on UNESCO

One of the purposes of the UNESCO History Project is to encourage networking and sharing of information in the interest of research and with the overall goal of enhancing multiple and diverse studies on various aspects of the Organization’s history.

The first phase of the UNESCO History project (2004-2010) has attracted considerable interest in the research community. More than 200 scholars responded to the “call for expressions of interest” for the three conferences launched in December 2007. At the Cambridge, Dakar and Heidelberg conferences as well as at other academic and scientific gatherings, scholars from a variety of disciplines and horizons have expressed strong interest in the project. In total, 490 scholars and students are – or have been – associated with the different activities of the History Project.

The value of connecting these researchers and facilitating the sharing of information on accomplished or ongoing research has clearly emerged as an important need for the concerned scientific communities. A mailing list has been created by the UNESCO Archives in 2010 in response to this need.

Due to the UNESCO History Project, there has been a significant increase in the number of research works prepared through consultation of the archives of UNESCO:

View list of accomplished research about UNESCO, available in the Archives' reading room.