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Guidelines for Replies
Any intergovernmental organization which would like to become part of this Guide is strongly encouraged to do so. Your contribution will add value to the web site. Please structure your presentation according to the Guidelines described below and send it as an attached document in Word or Excel to Mr. Jens Boel, Chief of the UNESCO Archives and Records Management Division: archives@unesco.org

Guidelines for replies

  1. Practical information
    1. Address
    2. Opening hours
    3. Working languages

    Presentation of the Organization
  1. Brief administrative history
    1. Origins
    2. Member States
    3. Structure 
  1. Description of the Archives Service
  2. Description of the archival series
    1. Archives holdings
    2. Archive groups/series
    3. General finding aids
    4. Finding aids by archive groups/series 
  1. Research strategies
  2. Access rules
Explanatory notes:  Part 1 gives the address, if possible including website and e-mail address, the opening hours of the Archives and the working languages of the Organization

Part 2 should include facts relating to the establishment and purpose/objectives of
your Organization

Part 3 should provide information on the origins, number of member states and the
structure of your Organization

Part 4 is the part where you briefly describe when the Archives Unit was established,
the main tasks and objectives of the Service and its organizational location

Part 5 should include references to finding aids, either on paper or in an electronic form. Information on external archival series deposited with your Organization must also be given here

Part 6 is a chapter where you may give examples of research and indications of the
tools (archive groups, finding aids) you would recommend to carry them out

Part 7 is where the official access rules should appear (for example as an excerpt from the Organization’s Manual). If you do not have established rules for access,
please describe the procedure to be followed to request access to the records
and archives of the Organization
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