FAO Archives' Holdings - Guide to Archives of International Organizations

General Information
General overview of mission and role of the archives service
The Archives provides reference service to FAO staff members who need to consult the material in the course of their official duties. Consultation takes place in the Archives reference room and requests can be addressed to Archives@fao.org or extension 52832-52289. For external researchers see Access rules and conditions.

Approximately 3,800 linear metres: 1,600 l/m Historical Archives (20% scanning completed) 1,900 l/m Inactive paper records 320 l/m Confidential Personnel files 25,000 Microfilms (Financial, Personnel records + Contribution files, Conference and Council records) Audio-visual material

Period Covered
FAO records 1946-2010 International Institute of Agriculture/Centre International d’Agriculture (IIA/CIS) 1939-1945

Decentralized Archives
There are no archives in decentralized offices.

Archives Groups, fonds
 Description of Fonds and Main Series
Archives Record Groups 1. IIA/CIS 2. Combined Food Board 3. UN Conference on Food and Agriculture (Hot Springs) 4. UN Interim Commission on Food and Agriculture 5. International Emergency Food Council 6. Conference of FAO 7. Council of FAO 8. Office of the Director-General 9. Development Department 10. Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department 11. Department of Human, Financial and Physical Resources 12. Economic and Social Development Department 13. Department of General Affairs and Information 14. Fisheries and Aquaculture Department 15. Regional Offices and Field Missions 16. World Food Programme 17. Forestry Department 18. Sound Recordings 19. Staff Organizations and Activities 20. Memorabilia 21. Donated Private Papers 22. (Temporary RG) UN World Food Conference 23. Technical Cooperation Department 24. Sustainable Development Department 25. Knowledge and Communication Department 26. Natural Resources Management and Environment Department

Complementary Sources
 Relevant Fonds, Series or Collecitions of Records