BOGART, Bram (1921 - 2012 )

Mixed media; signed, dated and annotated on verso: Pour ONU UNESCO Bram Bogart ‘91
96.5 x 107 cm
Date of entry at UNESCO
Country of origin Belgium
Donation made to UNESCO by the artist
© Photo: UNESCO
Bram Bogart

The essence of Bram Bogart’s art resides in the texture and ‘writing’ of each painting. In “Image of Liberty”, as well as in his work in general, he gives rhythm to his painting with his brush, spatula and palette knife, playing with the paint matter which he emphasizes through his use of primary colors. The creative process becomes as important as the content of the work itself. As of 1950 he developed a specific medium, blending pigment and various oils, which he used to construct heavy compositions, often mixing the preparation by hand in order for the pure color to be grasped better.

Artist biography

Abraham Van Den Bogart, known as Bram Bogart, was born in Delft (Netherlands) in 1921. In the 1950s, he joined the group of avant-garde "informal artists". He created several variations on certain simple geometric shapes such as the rhombus, cross and square. Later on, he left his native country in order to live and work in Belgium, where he was naturalized in 1969. Bram Bogart passed away in 2012.


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