ARP, Jean (1886-1966)

Bronze sculpture pasted down on wood
49.5 x 149.5 cm
Date of entry at UNESCO
Country of origin France
Acquisition made by UNESCO at the time of the embellishment work of the building (the model was acquired along with the “CONSTELLATION UNESCO” of Jean ARP.)
© Photo: UNESCO
Adgp, Paris


In 1957, the International Committee of Art Advisors of UNESCO commissioned Jean Arp to decorate its Parisian headquarters building with a monumental relief.

The artist first created this maquette from which the big "UNESCO Constellation" was made.

This model is made up of five elements, of which one in bronze.

Biography of the artist

Jean (or Hans) Arp was born on September 16th 1886 in Strasbourg. After Art studies in Germany, he settled in France, first of all in Paris, in 1907, where he took part in the Dadaist and Surrealist movements, and then in Clamart from 1925 onwards.

He quickly became interested in sculpture, but also invented, with his artist friends , torn paper collages.

In 1954, he received the International Sculpture Prize in Venice.

Jean Arp died on June 7th 1966 in Basel (Switzerland). His second wife, Marguerite Hagenbach, created the Arp Foundation in 1979, in his house-atelier in Clamart.