MUTO, Junkyu (1950-)

Mixed media on canvas
199.5 x 199.5 cm
Pasillo 6°piso
Date of entry at UNESCO
Country of origin Japan
Donation made to UNESCO by Mr. Soichiro Ito, former President of the Chamber of Deputies of Japan
© Photo: UNESCO
All rights reserved

A feeling of plenitude dominates the atmosphere of this work by Junkyu Muto. "The birth of light" is also life that comes from nothing. The shades of blues and purples that are used and the indistinct form which begins to take shape fascinate the eye. The texture of the surface in a way defines the color. Indeed, every fraction of blue takes on a different texture and the subtle additions of yellow and red form a vaporous mass that seems to extend over the entire surface. Muto, a sculptor by education, is able to create a third dimension within the flat plane of the painting. Thanks also to its imposing size, the work produces a certain surrounding, an atmosphere which pulls in the viewer, who becomes witness to the birth of light, and so his own birth. Muto hence depicts the timelessness of an event while incorporating a mixture of poetry and mysticism.

Artist Biography

Junkyu Muto was born in Sendai in 1950. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Tokyo in 1973, moved to Paris, then to Spain in 1974 and later Rome in 1975. During those years he exhibited in several galleries and participated in exhibitions and art fairs, such as the Oscars international exhibition, during which he won the first prize. Between 1980 and 1989 he exhibited in various places in Japan, for example the Iwasaki Museum. From 1990, Muto constantly travelled between Europe and Japan. He is today an internationally recognized artist and his work is exhibited in major galleries and museums, both in Japan and Europe.