TARASIN, Jan (1926-2009)


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TARASIN, Jan (1926-2009)

Oil on canvas, signed and dated upper left 'J Tarasin 60'

99 x 80.5  cm

Date of entry at UNESCO

Country of origin

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Using tones of ocher, gray and brown, Jan Tarasin has here organized his composition with simple, well-defined shapes. Tarasin plays on texture and color in order to create different planes and levels. His paintings are inspired by mathematics, understood not as a world of figures but as a source of imagination. Jan Tarasin uses this as a guide for ever-changing phenomena. His shapes can be very stable, such as rectangles around which his composition is centered, or very mobile, such as the elongated spots of color that seem to float in the background.

Artist Biography
Jan Tarasin was born in 1926 in Kasliz, Poland. He was a painter, graphic artist and art theorist. In 1967 he moved to Warsaw, where he became professor in 1985. Two years later he was appointed rector of the Academy of Fine Arts of Warsaw, a position he kept until 1990.
His work constantly surprises because of its freshness. In 1970, he created a personal style using shapes and calligraphic signs which fit into one another, placed upon a background with zones of color. Tarasin’s style is based on mobile alignments without fixed boundaries, characterized by changes in rhythm, and degree of saturation of shapes and colors. Tarasin passed away in 2009.