TSERETELI, Zurab (1934-)

Bronze sculpture, signed and dated lower right: « © 1992 Z. TSERETELI
160 x 112 x 90 cm
Date of entry at UNESCO
Country of origin Georgia
Donation made to UNESCO by the artist on the occasion of his nomination as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1996.
© Photo: UNESCO/I. Forbes
All rights reserved

This work is part of a project designed to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The first work for his project was the monument "Birth of a New Man" erected in Seville in 1995, along with the smaller version which was given by the artist to UNESCO. The second work, "Birth of a New World," was a monument designed to be installed in the United States. It was however never built, and, after a few changes to the design –most importantly the replacement of Christopher Columbus’s head by the one of Peter the Great-, the monument was finally erected in Moscow (Russia).