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List of works of art by country of origin

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    Country of origin Author Title Technique Detail
    DEHODENCQ, Edmond (1860-1887) HORSES PULLING A BARGE, 1883 Painting Detail
    ALDINE COMPOSITION Engraving Detail
    Flemish School, 19th century WOMAN AND MAN CONVERSING IN AN INTERIOR Painting Detail
    DILOR, A. WOMAN IN A FUR COAT Painting Detail
    French School,XIXth century (XVIIth century style) MOTHER WITH HER TWO CHILDREN Painting Detail
    Afghanistan Afghan craft CARPET FOR PRAYER Tapestry Detail
    Algeria HADDAD, Aïcha (1937 - 2005) SAHARA MEMORY, 1990 Painting Detail
    Argentina BRIZZI, Ary (1930-2014) ARGON 12 Painting Detail
    Azerbaijan Traditional Azerbaijani Art RAM AND HORSE, 12th-13th centuries Sculpture Detail
    Bangladesh Bangladesh craft SILVER MODEL OF A BOAT Other works of art Detail
    Belgium BOGART, Bram (1921 - 2012 ) THE IMAGE OF LIBERTY, 1991 Painting Detail
    Benin Abomey craftsmen THE ROYAL PROCESSION Handicraft Detail
    Benin PEDE, Yves (1959 - ) THE SPIRITS OF THE ANCESTORS Handicraft Detail
    Benin SINZOGAN, Julien (1957-) DANCE OF THE AMAZON WOMEN, 1995 Painting Detail
    Bulgaria Anonymous THRACIAN HERO, 2nd century A.D. Sculpture Detail