List of works of art by country of origin

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Detail Country of origin Author Title Technique
Iceland ERRO (1932-) HOMAGE TO VAN GOGH, 2008 Engraving
Iceland ERRÓ (1932 - ) THOR'S STORY, 1999 Painting
India SWAMY, S.N. GANDHI Painting
Indonesia Indonesian craftsmen TEMPLE OF BOROBUDUR Other works of art
Indonesia MANDRA, Nyorman THE DEATH OF KUMBAKARNA Painting
Iran ASSAR, Nasser (1928 - 2011) SEA VOICES, 1964 Painting
Iraq Antiquities RELICS FROM IRAQ, dating from 3000 to 1700 B.C. Other works of art
Iraq GHANI, Mohammed (1929-2011) THE DOOR OF PEACE Handicraft
Iraq SALIM, Leila A WAVE FROM MESOPOTAMIA, 1998 Painting
Israel KARAVAN, Dani (1930 -) TOLERANCE SQUARE Installation
Italy AFRO BASALDELLA (1912-1976) JARDIN DE L'ESPERANCE, 1958 Painting
Italy AJOLFI, Elia (1916-2001) COMPOSITION WITH EXOTIC BIRDS Sculpture
Italy POMODORO, Arnaldo (1926-) LA FRECCIA (The Arrow) 1993-1995 Sculpture
14 Elements found, display Elements.