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List of works of art by country of origin

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    Country of origin Author Title Technique Detail
    DEHODENCQ, Edmond (1860-1887) HORSES PULLING A BARGE, 1883 Painting Detail
    ALDINE COMPOSITION Engraving Detail
    DILOR, A. WOMAN IN A FUR COAT Painting Detail
    Flemish School, 19th century WOMAN AND MAN CONVERSING IN AN INTERIOR Painting Detail
    French School,XIXth century (XVIIth century style) MOTHER WITH HER TWO CHILDREN Painting Detail
    Afghanistan Afghan craft CARPET FOR PRAYER Tapestry Detail
    Algeria HADDAD, Aïcha (1937 - 2005) SAHARA MEMORY, 1990 Painting Detail
    Argentina BRIZZI, Ary (1930-2014) ARGON 12 Painting Detail
    Azerbaijan Traditional Azerbaijani Art RAM AND HORSE, 12th-13th centuries Sculpture Detail
    Bangladesh Bangladesh craft SILVER MODEL OF A BOAT Other works of art Detail
    Belgium BOGART, Bram (1921 - 2012 ) THE IMAGE OF LIBERTY, 1991 Painting Detail
    Benin Abomey craftsmen THE ROYAL PROCESSION Handicraft Detail
    Benin PEDE, Yves (1959 - ) THE SPIRITS OF THE ANCESTORS Handicraft Detail
    Benin SINZOGAN, Julien (1957-) DANCE OF THE AMAZON WOMEN, 1995 Painting Detail
    Bulgaria Anonymous THRACIAN HERO, 2nd century A.D. Sculpture Detail