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The Cultural Space of the Boysun District


Boysun is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. Situated on the road from Asia Minor to India, it preserves the traces of ancient cultures and religions including Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Islam. Many traditional rituals connected with seasonal and family events are still alive - and celebrated with songs, dances and music. The rite to invoke the god of rain, derived from Zoroastrian beliefs, involves making a cloth doll which is left to soak in a river.  Marriage and funeral rites, and Boysun District - Uzbekistan.jpg (147953 bytes) shamanist rituals for curing illnesses, survive.

Threats: The cultural policy of the Soviet era ignored the traditional arts of Boysun.

Action plan: Local groups are collecting and documenting traditions. Folklore specialists, musicologists and ethnologists will be engaged to research threatened cultural traditions. Music and songs will be published and concerts and festivals will be organized.