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Credentials Committee



Credentials Committee
  1. The Credentials Committee shall consist of nine members, who shall be elected by the General Conference on the proposal of the Temporary President.
  2. It shall elect its own Chairperson.
Functions of the Committee
  1. The Committee shall examine and report to the Conference without delay on the credentials of the delegations of Member States and Associate Members, of representatives of the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies, and of observers sent by non-Member States and other intergovernmental organizations.
  2. The Committee shall inform the Conference whenever credentials are presented by delegations representing States who have not formally accepted membership of the Organization by complying with Article XV of the Constitution.
  3. It shall also examine and report on the credentials of observers designated by international non-governmental or semi-governmental organizations admitted to the Conference in accordance with Rule 6, paragraph 7, and Rule 7.

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